Gan Henel FAQ Page

Are you a licensed preschool/day care?

Gan Henel Early Learning Center is licensed as a Preschool-Day care by the State of NJ and Dept of Health.

What is your staff:child ratio?

Our staff to child ratio is 1:3 in the infant, baby & tot rooms, 1:5 in the toddler class, 1:6 in Nursery & Pre-K.

How often do children go outside?

Except in rare cases of extreme inclement weather, our children go out to play every day.

Do you provide meals and how often do the children eat?

We provide healthy snacks while parents send in the lunch. The children eat at least three times a day: morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. Younger children and infants will eat more often.

Do you accept children who aren’t yet toilet trained into the preschool?

At Gan Henel we value each child’s individuality and appreciate that each child reaches milestones ar his/her own pace. We accept children who are still in diapers and will work together with the parent to help train the child, when the child shows signs of readiness.

Which type of child will do well at Gan Henel?

If your child is outgoing or shy, sedentary or athletic, eager or hesitant, needs enrichment or needs support… send him/her to Gan Henel for our individualized approach to teaching and reaching each child!

What makes Gan Henel unique?

Gan Henel is unique in its progressive teaching approach, understanding of the ‘whole’ child, warmth and care throughout and the feeling of family