Preschool Fun Days

Gan Henel Early Learning Center has ‘Preschool Fun Days’ for days when preschool isn’t in session.

This program is open to all preschool children, ages 18 months-5 years, from any preschool program in the area.

Fun days are a mix of exploratory play, trips, multi sensory activities, extra classes like art, music & gymnastics, baking and more.

Fun Days:
Full days 9-3
Oct 9, 10 & 11, Dec 18, Jan 18, March 28 & 29, June 21.
Cost per fun day: $60 ($50 for Gan Henel students)

Fun days:
Half days 9-12:30
Sep 20, Oct 4, Jan 19 & June 22
Cost per fun day: $35 ($30 for Gan Henel students)

For information on discounts for siblings and for registering in advance for the full Fun day program, contact the office.

Click here to sign up or for more information on activities planned for each fun day.