School Specials

For the 2017-18 school year, Gan Henel Early Learning Center is offering students Hebrew language, music, movement and gymnastics during the school day. See below for a description of these courses.

Hebrew Language

  • The Gan Henel Early Learning Center provides Immersive Hebrew language classes to our 2’s, 3’s & 4’s! Each class will introduce a new theme (basic introductions, numbers, colors, animals, body parts, clothing and more), incorporating vocabulary and phrases while building on your child’s growing knowledge of the language through age appropriate games, songs and fun language and cultural activities. These classes are designed to be engaging and interactive and a great way to introduce your child to the world of languages!

Music Class

  • Music class is available for children of all classes enrolled at the Gan Henel Early Learning Center. Using our instruments and our bodies, our music teacher used method of teaching music in a fun way during the crucial early years when children can learn languages easily and naturally, so they can become “fluent in the language of music”. The instruments come to life and “talk” through their music so that when it’s the children’s turn to play, they are not simply executing the correct notes, but rather performing the magical act of making their instrument talk and come to life, bringing character, humor and emotion to the music! The benefits beyond music are also far reaching – math, history, cultural appreciation, speech, fine and gross motor and many other skills are developed, not to mention the most important skill in life… to really listen to what is happening and then find a way to add your own beauty to what is going on at the moment.


  • Children will warm up their bodies and stretch their gross motor muscles to prepare to practice fun tumbling skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, bridges, handstands, cartwheels, pencil rolls and more. These exercises increase muscle strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and spatial and perceptual awareness. The children will enjoy using fun props such as bean bags, scarves, parachute and more. Children will learn to integrate into groups, try new exercises, learn new motor techniques, gain confidence, and develop a willingness to try new activities.​

Jewish Holiday Parade

  • The children will enter a world where the Jewish Holidays come alive in the form of puppets, decor and visual stimulation. The children will be able to explore, create, ask questions and taste everything there is to know about the Holiday giving them a fully immersive experience.  The children will be able to explore, create, ask questions, and taste everything there is to know about the Holiday, giving them a full immersive experience and bringing the Holiday to life.